William Dederick
Photography, science photography, photomicrography, 35 mm contemporary photography polarized light

The galleries are presented in low resolution JPEG files with associated biophots.com watermark. Individual Photos can be e-mailed in High Resolution .tif or .jpeg formats. Cost for each photo is dependent on its usage, and of course, is negotiable.

1933 Plum Colored Black Fenders Fleetwood Cadillac

Photographs of boats, buses and trains

Lights of the Hudson


Retireing Macks

Fire Equipment
Photographs of fires and fire equipment


Acer Saccharum r.l.s 100X

Botany - Photomicrography
Includes photomicrographs of a variety of botanical subjects. Many have great scientific value with some presenting excellent book jacket and chapter opener potential.

Mountain Laurel

Many wild and cultivated flowers are featured in this galary

1933 Plum Colored Black Fenders Fleetwood Cadillac

National Parks and Historical Sites
General Photography of the National Parks, Historic sites and National mounuments in the United States


Black Vultures

Biological subjects macro and 1:1 photos of plants and animals

Sea Stacks at Ruby Beach, Washington

A variety of natural phenomena in geology and meterology are presented in this galary

Fall Color at Glenerie Falls, NY

Fall Foliage
Many examples of leaf colors mostly from the Northeastern part of the United States.


Copper Sufate Crystal

Crystals - Photomicrography
Photomicrographs of crystals. These colorful images make excellent cover jackets and chapter dividers

Streetscape with Ornamental pear trees

Science and art of farming, cultivation and harvesting crops and the raising of livestock. Gallery also includes landscaping examples.


Human beings, members of the genus and species Homo sapiens as compared to other life forms.


Saguaro Cactus

A group of plants often found in deserts with adaptations of fleshy stems, branches bearing spines or scales instead of leaves. They often have showy flowers.

Henry Hudson Statue

Hudson River
Historic, geologic and natural features along the Hudson River are presented in this gallery

Pike Plan Historic Uptown Shopping Dist.

Kingston, Ulster County, New York
Kingston, NY, located on the Hudson River, north of NYC by 95 miles.


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